Residential Extension:  Greenways, Lindfield

Client: Private
Contractor: Smith and Ridley

Gould and Company were requested to design a small extension to the rear of this house to form an enlargement of the existing kitchen.

The challenge was to come up with a design which provided sufficient additional space internally, whilst not overbearing from the outside. We feel that the new extension achieves both of these objectives.

Some care was taken within the new kitchen to avoid unsightly downstand beams beneath the ceiling line, thus ensuring that the room appears to be part of the original house. Conventional/ overlay underfloor heating was also provided to both existing and extended parts of the kitchen to maintain and even temperature throughout.

Gould and Company services include:

  • Detailed Design Drawings
  • Submitting and obtaining Planning Approval
  • Submitting and obtaining Building Regulations Approval
  • Detailed Specification of Works
  • Tendered Contract
  • Contract Administration and Cost Control Services


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