Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of generating and managing building data within a Three-Dimensioned (3D), dynamic computer model. BIM design tools allow for extracting different views from a building model for drawing production and other uses. These different views are automatically consistent since each object is defined only once, just as in reality, which greatly reduces errors and increases productivity.

BIM is able to achieve such improvements by modelling representations of the actual parts and pieces being used to construct a building. This is a substantial shift from the traditional Computer Aided Design (CAD) method of drawing , that uses lines that combine to represent objects. The BIM model "understands" different building elements and their relationships.

Using BIM gives our clients several advantages:

  • It provides a more realistic representation of the existing building and proposed alterations, as the building can be viewed in a 3D context. The impact and clarity of proposed modifications can be clearly presented.
  • It improves the visualisation of available space, and indicates the natural available to changed spaces.
  • It allows for live input from clients at meetings.
  • It reduces misunderstanding and errors because solutions can be shown on screen/prints. The 3D digital model is assembled in the same way that a building is constructed, using an overlap of the information from all the different disciplines to come up with an integrated solution. This holistic design approach reduces the need for changes during construction, saving the client money by "flagging up" constructability issues early in the design process.


Because BIM drawings visualise (proposed) reality, it is a useful tool for checking complicated  structural detailing before works start on site, and to generate precise models for contractors.

It is also a great aid to demonstrate a point of view, whilst submitting a Planning application or obtaining Listed Building consent. The impact of any proposal can be shown within the overall context of the building.

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