A commercial Survey is a building survey and report on a commercial or industrial property.

In general the report will consider the method of construction and the current condition of the building, and will report on any significant defects or shortcomings and provide recommendations for any further action.  This information is essential in determining whether a building is suitable for a proposed use, and also in assessing any future liability, whether in relation to a freeholder's maintenance responsibilities, a tenant's service charge or dilapidations obligations generally.

A client's precise requirements will need to be established at the outset, and this will determine whether or not additional specialist input is required at the time of survey, or whether it is prudent to wait for the findings of the survey before deciding whether further investigations are necessary.  Such specialist input might include the inspection of services installations by services engineers, CCTV surveys of below ground drainage, concrete testing and inspection/testing of deleterious and hazardous materials.

Additionally, the survey report may make comment upon other areas such as Rights of Way, Fire Precautions, Accessibility and Contamination.  Whilst these areas would typically be dealt with in detail as part of a solicitor's enquiries, observations on site may give cause for concern and lead to a recommendation for further enquiries to be made.

Purchasers of leasehold property may also wish to consider having a Schedule of Condition prepared, for inclusion with a lease in order to limit their liability for existing disrepair.


  • Schedules of Dilapidations for Landlord or Tenant
  • Negotiation and Settlement of Dilapidations Claims.

Dilapidations are basically 'defects or wants of repair' that are in contravention with the terms of a Lease.  Whilst a Schedule of Dilapidations can be prepared at any time, it will normally be commissioned towards the end of a Lease Term.

We act on behalf of either a Landlord or Tenant in preparing and agreeing a Schedule of Dilapidations and negotiating a Settlement where this is relevant.


A Schedule of Condition is a record of the state of a property at any particular point in time. It can be used in many different sets of circumstances and the areas covered, and the level of detail required, will depend upon the particular circumstances.


Stock Condition Surveys are essentially Schedules of Condition for an entire Estate or Portfolio of properties. These may be prepared in accordance within a set format that meets a Client’s existing criteria, however we are also able to assist in assessing a Client’s requirements to propose and agree a suitable format.


  • Condition Reports
  • Maintenance Programmes with Budget Costs

We can advise on maintenance requirements in order to put a property into good condition, and also to keep it in good condition in future years. Where necessary, we can advise on priorities where budgets are limited, in order to make the most effective use of available funds.


We can carry out Daylight Assessments for Planning purposes and advise on Rights of Light issues relating to proposed developments. Where necessary, we can negotiate Settlement of any Claim for Damages in relation to an infringement of a Right of Light.


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