We are able to offer advice and assist clients through the lease renewal procedure, if their lease permits them a right to a new lease.

This process can be problematic and we liaise closely with clients and their legal advisors to ensure strict time limits and formal notices are adhered to. We will aim to ensure an acceptable agreement between both parties is agreed swiftly and, in the event an agreement cannot be reached, we will advise on agreeing terms at court or by arbitration.


A Rent Review is more than an excuse to be at loggerheads with your Landlord or Tenant, and is an opportunity to do more than simply determine your rent.  Circumstances for both parties may have changed since the start of your occupancy, and we believe that a Rent Review provision can be used to negotiate terms to assist the Landlord and Tenant's ongoing plans.

Rent Reviews are not just a mechanism in the lease.  We believe these provide an opportunity to explore other areas, such as the possibility of extending the current lease, renegotiating a new lease, surrendering an existing lease and looking into potential provisions of break clauses.


Whether you have concerns over a forthcoming lease renewal or whether it be concern over finding new accommodation, there is the potential at lease renewal for both the Landlord and Tenant to consider their long term objectives and strategy, and through careful negotiation the situation can present the opportunity to improve asset value or save costs.


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