WHY Employ A Contract Administrator?

Clients often wonder whether it is really money well spent employing a building surveyor for Post Contract Administration and Cost Control.  After all, having found an honest and well recommended building contractor, and agreed a contract price, a project should normally proceed smoothly from start to finish, within timescales and budget... shouldn't it?

The reality is that some building projects often commence with goodwill on both sides, but any client/contractor relationship has the potential to degenerate through a perceived (or actual) lack of progress, unfair additional costs and loss of trust. Ultimately, this can result in a contractor removing his workforce from site and seeking legal redress through the courts. We are aware that this happens, as from time to time, we are asked to act as Expert Witness to represent either the Client, Contractor (or both), in seeking resolution of grievances that have developed during a building project.


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